Delivery Options and Fees.

Standard delivery is £6.99.

We offer free collection from our unit within Torpoint.

We aim to ship all items, within 24 hours of orders being made, this will be delayed if you have bought custom work, such as our Two-Tone service, during busy times this may be extended, however we aim to get your items to you as quickly as possible.

Please note that we use third party delivery services as our couriers, aswell as Royal Mail for smaller items. Couriers deliver Monday to Friday approximately between 7am and 6pm, except for bank holidays. We do not directly control the Couriers and cannot organise a specific delivery time for individual orders.

Upon signing for the delivery you are accepting the order is correct and in good condition, however, we do understand that you might not be able to open your package straight away as such we allow up to 48 Hours for you to advise us of missing / incorrect items.

Please note that we do not compensate in any way for time spent waiting in for deliveries even if they do not arrive, we do however accept that in life, mistakes and circumstances happen that can unfortunately mean that your item may not be delivered on time as requested e.g. bad weather, computer error etc. If such mistakes do occur we will look to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and may also look to refund your postage charge in full.

Returns Policy

1 – Returns Procedure

1.1 – Preparing items for return

Please first contact us to notify us of your wish to return an item  and to obtain a return number. When contacting us please have your order  details handy such as the order number or the full name and address on  the order. If we are unable to find your order details such as if you  cannot provide the order number or if the item was a cash purchase in  store then you may also need to provide a proof of purchase for the  return to proceed.

Whenever returning an item it is important to ensure that you package  the items securely to prevent any damage in transit, please ensure the  returns number is clearly visible on the outside of the parcel and also  enclose a note in the parcel that has your contact details [please also  include the order number where possible] and reason for the return [i.e.  unwanted, faulty, incorrect item etc].

Please also ensure that, unless previously agreed with us, items are  returned complete and include all original parts such as original retail  packaging, instructions and any included components like batteries and  chargers etc.

Items returned without a valid returns number may take longer to process or may not be able to be accepted at all.

Return Address:
BR Returns
[Returns Number]
4 Ocean Street
PL2 2DJ 

1.2 – Returning unwanted items [cancelled orders]

To return items of this nature you would need to notify us within 14  days of receiving them and then return them to us within 14 days of this  notification.

You would be responsible for arranging and paying for the cost of the  return and as such it is entirely your choice as to how you do this,  however we would recommend that a tracked and insured service is used as  we cannot cover any damage or loss in transit and can only take  responsibility for the items once they have been received.

In order to be refunded items will also need to be returned complete  and in an ‘as new’ condition, items returned incomplete or that have  been handled excessively may still be able to be refunded however a  deduction may be made to the refund to cover the cost of the missing /  used items.

Please note that we are unable to accept returns for cancellation for  any items that have been ‘customised to order’ such as two tone items  or items modified by the workshop at your request. This does not affect  your ability to return these items if they are faulty or not as  described.

1.3 – Returning items that are faulty on receipt or items received not as described

When you are returning an item due to a fault or if an item is not as  described then please contact us to arrange the return prior to posting  anything back to us, we can then arrange to have a ‘pre-paid’ label  sent to you via email, this would need to be printed and attached to the  parcel and the parcel can then be dropped off at a courier pick-up  point [the nearest to you would be noted in the email], in situations  where the size of the parcel or the lack of available pick-up points  nearby would prevent this method being used, then we may opt to arrange a  courier collection for you instead. Either of these options would need  to be arranged with us in advance.

If we do opt to arrange a courier collection then this can be made  for any UK address but will require someone to be at the premises on the  day of collection and is only available Monday to Friday [excluding  public holidays].

You are of course welcome to make any arrangements of your choice to  return the items however we may not then be able to cover any of the  cost of the return. Please contact us prior to shipping to discuss  whether any re-reimbursement of postage costs would be available and what  would be required to claim this back.

If we do opt to arrange a courier collection then this can be made  for any UK address but will require someone to be at the premises on the  day of collection and is only available Monday to Friday [excluding  public holidays].

You are of course welcome to make any arrangements of your choice to  return the items however we may not then be able to cover any of the  cost of the return.

1.4 – Once the items are received by us

When the returned items are received they will be initially inspected  by our returns department and we will then contact you with an update  if applicable.

For returns where we have sent you an incorrect item, we will contact  you to arrange for either a replacement item to be sent to you or for a  refund. For unwanted items the details will be passed onto our customer  service team for the refund to be issued. This process is typically  completed within 14 working days of the receipt of the items.

For faulty returns the item/s will then be booked into our workshop  for a further more thorough inspection and we will again contact you  with an update once this has been completed. Please note that although  we will again look to complete this within the usual 14 working days, in  busier periods or with more complex issues this process may take  longer. We will however look to complete this process in a maximum time  of 30 days unless otherwise agreed before hand with you.

2 – Faulty Items

2.1 – Faulty items less than 30 days

If you have returned a faulty item to us within 30 days of having  received it then once it has been inspected, unless the fault is found  to be due to user error or misuse, you can choose to either have the  item refunded, replaced or repaired, we will also cover the cost of  returning the item to you if repaired or replaced. [if the item is  unrepairable or is not cost effective to repair then we may choose to  issue a refund or replacement instead of a repair].

2.2 – Faulty items over 30 days but less than 6 months

If you have returned a faulty item to us outside of 30 days of having  received it but within 6 months then once it has been inspected, unless  the fault is found to be due to user error or misuse, the item will be  repaired and returned to you free of charge. [if the item is  unrepairable or is not cost effective to repair then we may choose to  issue a refund or replacement instead of a repair].

2.3 – Faulty items over 6 months but within 12 months

If you have returned a faulty item to us outside of 6 months of  having received it but within 12 months, we will be happy to inspect it  free of charge for you. If we are able to confirm the item has suffered  from a manufacturers defect the item will be repaired and returned to  you free of charge. [if the item is unrepairable or is not cost  effective to repair then we may choose to issue a refund or replacement  instead of a repair]. If we are unable to determine that the item has  suffered from a manufacturing defect, and you are unable to provide  evidence of this, we may still be able to offer a repair however this  would likely be a chargeable service.

2.4 – What happens if a faulty item is not covered or is over 12 months old

If an item is returned over 12 months after receipt, has not been  purchased from us at all or after inspection we are unable to determine  that the item has suffered from a manufacturing defect and you are  unable to provide evidence of this, we may still be able to offer a  repair however this would likely be a chargeable service.

If this is the case we will contact you to discuss this prior to commencing any work.

3 – Refunds

3.1 – Process

When a refund is issued it will always be returned back to the  payment method initially used for the purchase, we cannot issue a refund  via a different method or to a different person.

Once a refund has been agreed we will typically process it straight  away and it should clear back onto the original payment method within 7  working days, however during busier periods or if there are any other  issues this process may take longer. We will however look to ensure all  refunds are issued within a maximum of 14 days.

3.2 – When a refund would not be offered

There are certain circumstances where a refund may not be available examples of these are listed below:

  • If you knew an item was faulty when you bought it [i.e. a ‘boneyard item’]
  • If you have damaged an item by trying to repair it yourself or  getting someone else to do it (though we may still offer to a repair it,  provide a replacement or a partial refund)
  • Items that have been altered after receipt, either by you or a 3rd party
  • Non-faulty customised items [such as two toned items or modified workshop items]
  • Items returned by someone other than the original customer
  • Non faulty items that have been used more than would be needed to  inspect the items as you would reasonably do in a shop prior to purchase  [a reduced refund may still be available, please contact us to discuss  this].

4 – Weapon Specific Terms

4.1 – FPS [feet per second]

The stated feet per second (FPS) listed on our website is based on  the results achieved on the first unit taken into stock from our  suppliers. Subsequent units on newer deliveries or new production runs  may deviate from this figure substantially.

4.2 – 11.1V LiPo

11.1V LiPo batteries are for use in highly tuned and modified AEGs  ONLY. The use of an 11.1V LiPo, 10.8V NiMh/NiCd or higher voltages would  be classed as miss-use and voids all warranty on all AEGs supplied by  us, Black Rifle Airsoft, unless specified by ourselves on the product page  on our website. This includes units where manufacturers, suppliers,  other retailers or the airsoft media state that a unit is 11.1V LiPo  ready.

11.1v LiPo batteries should only be used in guns where we have  specifically stated that the item is suitable for 11.1v LiPo in the  product specification or description of the product.

4.3 – User Error

If any problems are deemed to have arisen from user error we cannot  accept a return or issue a refund, we may still be able to help you in  repairing the problem however this may be a chargeable service.

Examples of user error are, and not limited to:

4.3.1 – Weapon Modification

We do understand that users like to modify their weapons, however we  may not be able to cover a repair once a permanent alteration or  modification has been made, or if the weapon has been taken apart  outside of expected maintenance (such as for normal cleaning and  lubrication).

4.3.2 – Stripping a Weapon Completely during Cleaning

Although regular maintenance is essential and failure to perform this  can lead to premature wear or damage, incorrectly maintaining or  excessive dismantling can also cause issues.

Stripping and cleaning a gas powered weapon only entails splitting  the slide and frame [or receiver on a rifle], checking seals, wiping  dirt from moving parts and applying fresh lubricant. Removing parts,  such as the trigger mechanism, can cause damage and is considered user  error.

Maintaining an electric powered weapon only typically entails basic  cleaning to ensure the item is free from dirt and debris. Any further  work, such as gearbox maintenance, should be carried out by our Shop  Technicians.

4.3.3 – Use of Poor Quality BBs

There are many different brands and types of BBs available and you do  not have to purchase them from ourselves, however we do ask that you  ensure that the ones you do use are of good quality.

Please don’t use cheap / low quality BBs in airsoft replicas supplied  by us, if we find evidence that low quality BB have been used we may  not be able to accept a return or offer a refund.

Unfortunately, more and more RIFs booked in to our workshop with  damage caused by a poor choice of BB. Poor quality BB’s are BB’s which  have been manufactured in a location with poor quality control,  resulting in ammo which breaks easily, has mold lines, injection marks  or poor weighting ratio.

We recommend any of the brands that you will see available on our  website, if we feature the BBs on our website we have typically tested  them thoroughly and can confirm they are safe to use with your Airsoft  Weapons.

4.3.4 – Accidental Damage by Dropping, Miss-use and Debris etc

Although airsoft guns are typically built and designed to last they  are at the end of the day still toys, and as such are not manufactured  to the same build quality as real firearms. Dropping, hitting, throwing,  and dipping in mud etc can cause permanent damage to airsoft replicas.  We cannot accept returns of weapons that have been mistreated, abused or  with parts missing and broken etc.

4.3.5 – Use of the incorrect Charging unit

Please ensure that when charging batteries the correct type of  charger is used. For example, do not use a Li-Po charger to charge a  Ni-Mh battery, or a Ni-Mh charger to charge a Li-Po battery. Please read  all supplied instructional material, as we cannot accept the return of  items damaged in this way.

4.4 – Included Free Chargers / Batteries

A number of manufacturers include a free battery and charger in the  box, although this can be quite handy when just starting out, we would  always highly recommend purchasing a seperate battery and charger.

The reason for this is it is typical for these items to be a very  cheap / low quality product that will not allow you to get the best out  of your new gun. The charger is usually of an EU style 2-pin plug [which  can be used in a normal UK shaver socket] and does not offer safety  features, included on aftermarket options, like an auto-shut off feature  when the battery is fully charged, the battery is also usually of a  lower capacity than aftermarket ones and will need recharging far more  often.

Due to the nature of these items, and the fact that we do not stock  them separately, unfortunately we cannot accept returns of these  batteries and chargers if they come supplied with a weapon as a ‘free  gift’ from the manufacturer.

 4.5 – Removing Screws, Nuts and other Parts using the Improper Tools

We cannot accept the return of items which have been taken apart  using the wrong tools, or have had screws, nuts or bolts damaged due to  mistreatment. Please ensure that you do not use ball headed Allen keys  on any airsoft equipment, as this can lead to threading and serious  damage.

Please note, this includes all screws and nuts, including the quick change spring release nut at the back of some receivers.

4.6 – Use of Incorrect Lubrication

Do not use lubrication which is not designed for use with airsoft  products. We cannot accept returns, or cover the cost of repairs for  weapons which have been damaged through the use of inappropriate  lubricants.

Examples of an appropriate range of lubricants are the Abbey range of lubricants found on our website.

Examples of inappropriate lubricants are: WD40, abrasive lubricants, and mineral oil based lubricants.