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About our range

Open to members of the public, we have a range of hire options. Our range can fit a maximum of 4 people and comes with attack sense targets, enabling you to track and compete for highest scores.

  • £10 for 1 hours hire with own equipment
  • £20 for 1 hours hire with safety gear, hire weapons and 500 BB’s

Range Rules

  • Eye protection must be worn at all times within the range
  • Only Airsoft weapons to be used
  • Only shoot down range at the targets and backwall, not at the windows or each other
  • Do not shoot the lighting
  • Tablet must be kept in the designated space
  • No loaded weapons outside the range
  • Range door must remain shut when the range is in use and weapons are live
  • Max of 400fps on 0.20g or equivalent joule rating when shooting attack sense targets

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mobile airsoft shooting range

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